Pinpoint your Target Customers with Property Data Tools

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Identify and Target Property Owners, Investors and Occupants

RealtyPoint Property Data is the core of the RealtyPoint platform. We start with the most accurate source of data: the recorded public records. We standardize all of the data in an easy-to-use format for marketers.  We enrich the core property data with dozens of sources allowing marketers to reach the right people with the right message.

Create target lists using the powerful "search and tag" features of RealtyPoint.

  • Active Investors
  • Second homeowners
  • Owner and Non-Owner Occupied contacts
  • Option to enrich the data with demographic and behavioral data
  • Obtain the phone numbers, emails and online audience profiles


Then, use the List Builder tool to create a custom list that can be used in direct mail, email marketing, digital marketing, or provide to your business development team for phone outreach.

Unprecedented Access to Your Best Prospects


Delivering Your Message

Get prospect contact information you can use.

RealtyPoint Property Data is perfect for targeted e-mail campaigns, as well as digital marketing and direct mail.  Your target contact records can be appended to allow you to reach out via: 

  • Email Address
  • Phone Numbers 
  • Online Audience Profile (Facebook/IG)

RealtyPoint offers a complete data and marketing platform to help you reach homeowners in second home markets, develop your brand and be top of mind when they are ready to sell. 



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