Get The Most Out of RealtyPoint with Turnkey Marketing

Direct Mail, Digital Marketing & Email Marketing



How the Best are Doing it!

Targeting homeowners and investors through RealtyPoint's proven marketing strategies.

After you've identified your target sellers, we're here to help you raise their awareness of your services, influence a desire to work with you, and facilitate them taking action to list with you.

Here's an example campaign we can help you execute:

  • Targeted Direct Mail sent multiple times to homeowners using customized fields from your RealtyPoint Data search criteria
  • Digital marketing campaigns using Online Audience Profiles obtained through RealtyPoint data appending
  • Email marketing and/or direct solicitation by your team using RealtyPoint CRM and customized templates designed for effective communication

We are here to help!

Marketing can seem overwhelming. Our team of experts will help you get set up and organized to help you see the most effective results. You are not alone! Set up a meeting with our team to discuss your plans.