Data & Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Agents in Vacation Destinations

Reach homeowners who are most likely to sell, and engage with active real estate investors.

Accurate & Easy-To-Use Property Data

We start at the source with public property records and enrich the data with dozens of additional data sources to deliver an easy-to-use interface that allows you to identify and target homeowners and investors through various channels. 

Powerful Lead Management  CRM

The RealtyPoint built-in CRM is designed to help you nurture prospective sellers. Keeping track of your customers and follow-up communication is critical to your conversion rate.  Our platform offers a turnkey easy to use solution that can help you convert sales. 

Turnkey Targeted Marketing Solutions

Need help with your marketing? Tap into comprehensive, customized templates to run campaigns across direct mail, email and targeted social media ads. We offer a complete marketing solution that drives results and is effective and easy to use.

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